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Your holiday domicile in Lengwald, Stechelberg at the very end in the Lauterbrunnen valley, Bernese Oberland, Swiss Alps
Newly renovated cottage and newly renovated apartment for your vacation
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Gertsch Informatik & Aviatik
Services and IT solutions for business administration and aviation.

Examples: Project management & subproject management, develop business plans, capital budgeting, evaluation & selection of software technologies, needs analysis, data modeling, implementation and operation of applications with Microsoft Excel / Access / SQL Server / Analysis Services (OLAP) / SAP BW / SAP ERP / SAP CRM.

New offerings from January 2015: ABACUS (Business Software) Project Management / Project rescues at SME compliant rates.

Experience in business: Tools for integrated business planning, financial restatements according to IFRS in large companies, tools and processes for intercompany and intra-company reconciliation, financial controlling reports, data modeling of different entrepreneurial views (e.g. management, investors), etc.

Experience in aviation: Flight performance software for helicopters (HOGE performance at various points in time of a flight), software for dead reckoning in Switzerland and Canada.

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  Aquatic Air (Canada)
Air services in Western Canada.

Examples: Individual tours of several days with an amphibious aircraft (floatplane and wheelplane at once)  wildlife viewing, hiking, canoeing, indigenous culture (Indian, Inuit), gold panning, wine tasting, fishing, golfing, horseback riding and much more
as well as
Flight training (seaplane rating, solo hours with amphibious aircraft and safety pilot etc.).

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Vancouver Island, British Columbia   Downtown Vancouver, BC   Snow covered woods



Gertsch Informatik & Aviatik
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